Congres op 10 april: ‘Supply chain managers, who needs them?

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Congres op 10 april: ‘Supply chain managers, who needs them?
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On April 10 2008 we organize a large event on the role of Supply Chain Manager and the Supply Chain Organization. It is entitled ‘Supply chain managers: who needs them?’. It’s in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Antwerp.

We expect more than 100 supply chain managers from different industry sectors. This event offers an opportunity for the supply chain manager to compare her/his profile and background with peers within and over industry barriers.


The skills of the supply chain manager

We will apresent the results of a survey that Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has conducted together with INSEAD and S&V Management Consultants on the Supply Chain Organization and the role of the Supply Chain Manager.


A renowned keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. John Tom Mentzer of the University of Tennessee, will elaborate on the skills of the supply chain manager that are needed now and in the future. He has written more than 200 papers and articles in outstanding international journals and has authored eight books on supply chain management. He recently published a renowned article in Harvard Business Review “Are you the weakest link in your company’s supply chain?” (September 2007).

Prof. Dr. Mentzer was recognized as one of the five most prolific authors in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science in 1996, as the most prolific author in the Journal of Business Logistics in 1999.  He was awarded several outstanding teacher awards. In his research, he has benchmarked supply chain management and demand management practices at over 500 companies.


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Download hier de gehele brochure van het congres:

 Supply chain managers who needs them? pdf

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